Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Two Problems with Crayons

1. The Labels
I get that crayola sells products in multiple countries. But really, do you need to label a crayon in more than one language?

Quick, somebody tell me what color this is. Hand an illiterate toddler a box of crayons and I think they can find the red one. Show me a box of crayons labeled only in French and I can figure out that rouge equals red.
2. This Is Not Peach

Until the Civil Rights movement hit, this color was called flesh. I get that not everyone has flesh this color. But peaches don't have flesh that color either. When I want to draw a peach, I grab pink and yellow.

Things you can actually color with a peach crayon:
We could call this crayon palomino and it would be so much more accurate. But of course, this wouldn't be a problem if we left the name off in the first place. 
Rant over.

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