Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Overthinking It: Little Mermaid

If Ariel's capable of reading a contract and writing her name, why can't she communicate with Eric through notes? Either
1. Though seafolk and landfolk clearly have the same spoken language, as Ariel can understand what Eric's saying, their writing is different.
2. Even though Ariel's a princess, she's a woman in a time when females didn't necessarily need to be educated. Please ignore the fact the Ursula wrote up this contract herself. Let's assume Ariel doesn't know how to write anything but her name. She understands the terms of the deal from Ursula's explanation and signing is just a formality.

Recently, a friend told me she wants to be a mermaid "because they never have periods and don't have to wear pants." Which brings up an important question. How do mermaids make more mermaids? Their bottom half is fishy, so are they born from eggs?
Oh sure, put the ginger in a clashing pink dress. Whose idea was this?
Also, I don't know what Ariel's hair is doing, but when I'm underwater it all gets in my face. Ariel's hair stays behind her head.
Scuttle has feet. Scuttle has always had feet. How does Ariel not know what feet are?

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