Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Failsafe by Traci Hunter Abramson


Charlotte Martin is no field agent. She and her adopted father are tucked away, quietly maintaining a top-secret NSA database from their family farm. She’s only seen danger from behind a laptopuntil two armed men come calling. They kill her father but not before he can issue the failsafe protocol, leaving Charlotte as the only one who can access the system. Now she’s on the run, and with public transportation too easily tracked, she heads across the country on horseback to meet up with the only man who can help her. Charlotte will need both her tech-savvy and farm-girl skills to survive.
All Jake Bradford wanted to do was ditch his childhood home, move to New York, and become a writer. When his parents die, he’s forced to move back to Virginia and take care of his dementia-stricken grandmother. He doesn’t know how he can juggle his career and family obligationsuntil a beautiful, mysterious woman rides onto his property like a character from one of his novels.­­­
Charlotte takes a job caring for Jake’s grandmother while she lies low. She finds herself looking to her own past for the killer’s motives and even lets herself dream of romance with Jake, though she knows her father’s killers could come for her at any moment. Besides, how can she love a man when she can’t trust him with more than her alias?
Charlotte is a resourceful, savvy heroine, and many readers will appreciate the male lead being a writer. The romantic subplot eats up most of the middle portion of the book, but snippets from other characters’ points of view keep the tension up and assure the reader that Charlotte is never too far from danger. Told in third person, the story flows easily despite the high character count and many of them using aliases.
Failsafe is a suspense novel with strong romantic overtones by Whitney Award–winning author Traci Hunter Abramson.

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