Saturday, January 18, 2014

Disney Diversity

I've noticed some controversy over diversity in the Disney Princess franchise. The brilliant bloggers and twitter addicts of the world have already covered a few small issues. For example, only five of the (currently) eleven princess are non-white. And they're all slender. Also pretty. They don't look like people in the real world.
Okay, good start, but now let's get down to the real issues to the franchise.
Look at how she holds him
Tiana is the very first Disney princess to be left-handed. Half of my family is left handed, so this is a very important issue to me. One day I was watching cartoons with my leftie brother and he complained that all animated characters are right handed. I tried to prove him wrong, but every character I saw wrote, sewed, and shot with their right hands. Left handers currently make up 11% of the U.S. population. How dare Disney make 90% of their characters match up with the real world statistics.
Look at how they hide Ariel in the back. Atrocious.
Also, Ariel is currently the ONLY princess to be a non-mammal. What kind of message is this sending non-mammalian viewers? That you should only fall in love with humans? That you should change your body in order to catch a human's eye-never mind that your superior swimming abilities saved his life? That non-humans aren't important? Let's go back to Tiana. She spends a total of seventeen minutes as a human in the film. The title is The Frog Princess. Yet on all the products she's human. Absolutely despicable.
It's worth noting that Nala, Simba's fiancee from the Lion King, and Minnie Mouse, portrayed as a princess in various cartoons, are not in the official lineup.
It's not just humans that Disney favors. You have to an animated human. Giselle didn't make the lineup, despite being a cartoon for part of the movie, because Disney didn't feel like paying Amy Adams for the use of her image. Princess Leia from Star Wars is likely to meet the same fate.

Ever since Snow White hit theaters in 1937, Disney has been busy producing characters who never wear glasses. At first this seems tolerable because most of them live in medieval settings. They couldn't get glasses if they needed them. But remember that monocle guy in the Cinderella movie?
What's your excuse now, Disney?
Also, has anyone noticed that all the princesses in the Disney lineup are Disney characters? Where is Anastasia?
Anastasia, Warner Bros. princess.
Sure, she's based on a real human. Sure, Disney would have to jump some mega copyright hurdles in order to put her on the merchandise. But that's not excuse enough! It's completely and utterly unfair of Disney to only promote their own products in order to make money. Slimy corporate greed.
I hope this post has alerted you to the shameful mistakes, oversights, and outright discrimination in the Disney franchise. I shall now host a Disney merchandise bonfire in my backyard. I hope to see you all there.

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