Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Forgotten Disney Songs

Will I ever be able to do a post without mentioning Disney? Sigh. We all grew up on Disney songs but there are plenty that never made it into their films. Sometimes characters and plots changed during production. Sometimes they simply ran out of time. Enjoy.

1. Riddle-Diddle from Sleeping Beauty
I'm glad they didn't include this one. It's a time waster song about house cleaning and Disney has enough of those already. Here's a fan made video. The voices are matched up with the wrong fairies, but oh well.

2. Call Me a Princess from Aladdin
Ever think it's strange that Jasmine doesn't have a solo? Well, here it is. They cut it out when they decided not to make her a royal brat.

3. Life's Too Short from Frozen
Sorry, not the real voice actresses. This song references plot elements that were removed when the script was rewritten, specifically a prophecy about Elsa's destiny. It was replaced by a reprise of For the First Time in Forever in which Elsa's heartbroken and Anna's naively hopeful. Here they're much sassier. I like it.
Actually, they threw out a lot of song for Frozen. You should look them up.
4. I Can't Believe My Heart from Hercules
Meg's original love song. They decided she wasn't a ballad type of girl, so unlike Frozen, they took a sweet song and made it sassy. It ends with the line "I can't believe my heart could be so wise". Yeah, basically the opposite of I Won't Say I'm in Love.

5.If I Never Knew You from Pocahontas
It wasn't cut entirely-you can here it during the credits on some videos-put originally it was part of the plot. I don't like it. Shouldn't the guards hear them singing? The tent's not that thick. They took it out because they thought it slowed down the story.

6. Snuff Out the Light from Emperor's New Groove
Yes! A villain song for Yzma. No, she's not singing about how to kill Kuzco. It's about her stealing the power of the sun to gain eternal youth. Evil indeed. That plot was cut, but at least we got a good recording of the song.

7. Keep 'Em Guessing from Mulan
This song introduces Mushu's character. It was deleted because they decided he was flamboyant enough that he didn't need a song. 
8. Be Prepared (Reprise) from Lion King
They brought this back for the Broadway version. It's creepy. Scar seducing Nala? Ick.

9. The Working Song from Cinderella
Another clean up song, but it's much more fun than Riddle Diddle. Sure, balls are nice, but sometimes we wish for more practical things. Like a clone regiment to do our chores while we get ready for the party. I think it's creepy that she wants to clone herself exponentially instead of one at a time the way normal people would do it.

10. One Dance from Little Mermaid
Pretty, yes, but it's too similar to Part of Your World. And while One Dance just expresses Ariel's desire fall in love, Part of Your World conveys her desire to explore the human world. A well-made fan video.

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