Friday, October 24, 2014

Too Busy?

I thought I was busy in second grade when I had after school activities three days a week. I thought I was busy in sixth grade when the only homework I had was spellings tests. I thought I was busy in middle school when I had daily math worksheets and one or two other assignments a week. I thought I was busy my first two years of high school when I had one club and one AP class.
Today I went to school, half of a writers' club meeting, a rescheduled piano lesson, play rehearsal, and watched another play with friends. But you know what? I had time to redo a fifty five question test. I had time to count my cup holder change at a stoplight. I can live in stolen moments.
People fascinate me, and it peeves me when no one takes interest in my life, so I try to ask questions. My go to question, "How's your life going?" is usually met with "I'm busy."
That's not any better than "Okay" or "I'm fine".
I think I'm busy. Eight school clubs in addition to all this senior college crap. But you know what? I can make it work, and in a few years, I'll work with even more.

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