Thursday, November 13, 2014

If Disney Guys Got Criticized Like Disney Girls

Liar and thief who mooches off his friends to get ahead
Needs a woman's touch before he can even come to life.
In the last three minutes of the movie, he leaves behind the only family he's ever known for a girl he's just met

Beastly, grumpy, and flat out abusive
Stronger than any man or beast around, but his weakness is a woman

Stands around during the climactic showdown while the ladies solve every problem in the kingdom

Exhibits stereotypical male qualities, namely strength and bravery. What if our boys think they need to be like him?
Gets less than four minutes of screen time, has no name, and serves as a deux ex machina plot device to save his love interest.

Leaves behind a kingdom that's counting on him because there's a slight chance everyone blames him for a catastrophe

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